Success Stories



Patrick and Trooper

In 2008, Sgt. Patrick Tackett enlisted in the United States Army as an airborne infantryman (paratrooper). His first tour of duty was 10 months in Iraq from 2009 to 2010 during his second tour, he was assigned to Ctrp Reconnaissance Surveillance Target Acquisition in Afghanistan as a Senior RTO from January 2012 to August 2012. On May 20, 2012, Patrick was wounded in action. His vehicle struck an IED which lead to a TBI, two fractured vertebrae, a torn meniscus, nerve damage, and ruptured both ear drums. Patrick was medically retired on August 28, 2014 after 6 years of service due to his injuries sustained in combat Patrick is happily married to his wife, Ann Tackett. They have a 17-month-old son named Madox.


Although Patrick has discovered a new love for woodworking, he still struggles with physical ailments and PTSD.  He was paired with his service dog, Trooper, on Saturday July 25, 2015. Even though they have only spent a short time together; Trooper has already brought a whirlwind of relief and happiness into Patrick’s life.

They have quite a way to go, but Patrick is utterly elated to embark on this new journey.

Patrick & Trooper were paired July, 2015


Patrick does many appearances for Guardian Angels, and is actively involved in the organization.” We will never be able to thank our sponsor, Jolanthe Bassett, the wonderful people at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, nor the members of the Rotary Club enough for their generosity and compassion; we are blessed beyond measure.”

Nick and Anchor

I served our great country for over 22 years.  After retirement and leaving the military, I continued deploying as a civilian contractor. After my last return home, I noticed things we just not right. I seemed more angry, scared of more things like loud noises, had a short fuse, and was more reclusive, staying at home more and more. I started going to the doctor to try and figure out what was wrong with me. After 2 doctors, 2 therapists and 2 psychiatrists, it was determined that I had severe PTSD. I was put on medication. I was not a big fan of this since most of the medication didn’t work or sometimes made me feel worse. With some research and help from my family, I inquired about the possibility and feasibility of getting a Service Dog., I came across Guardian Angels The process was a little long but very well worth the wait.


Let me tell you that Anchor, my Super Service Dog has been a God send and true Guardian Angel for me. As most can attest, including Carol and my family, I have not stopped travelling and going to places we couldn’t go before the last few months because of Anchor. She is so smart and sweet and is always there for my family and me. When she isn’t being a Super Dog for this recipient, she loves playing with my two little girls and she loves her treats. She is definitely a valued member of our family and I can’t imagine her not being by my side. Thanks so much to the fine folks at Guardian Angels, especially Carol and thank you so much – Anchor.


Nick & Anchor were paired June 2015

Success Stories

Richard and Kira

Richard was a military dog handler in Vietnam.” Since my divorce, Kira has become the center of my life. It’s because of her that I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning Kira and I volunteer at the Bay Pines VA Hospital Outpatient Information Desk as well as participating in numerous VA functions.”


Since completing Guardian Angles training this summer,( 2012), we have taken three road trips, something I never would have done without her assistance, and we are planning to visit grandchildren in Oklahoma and Texas for Christmas/New Years. Wherever we go, she is the center of attention because of her behavior and because she is a German Shepard Medical Dog. “ It don’t get no better”


Richard & Kira were paired in 2012 and are doing great together.

Natalie and Captain

During my first tour in Iraq, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, exasperated by a second brain injury which left me with a Seizure Disorder, memory loss, cognitive disorder, severe  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe depression and several other problems.

I was medically retired from the Army with permanent 100% disability after serving 20 years.

My employability, combined with my PTSD and my cognitive disorder, caused me to suffer terrible bouts of depression, anxiety, insomnia and doubts about my future. I learned about the Medical Service Dog Program through fellow veterans in the Wounded Warrior Program. I applied to the Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog Program and began to make frequent visits to Williston, Florida.

A Medical Service Dog named Captain came into my life and was an immediate perfect fit.

My loving husband is also a Wounded Warrior. Captain has become a Medical Service Dog to us both and frequently wakes us during the night to end horrible nightmares, never leaves the sight of us, calming us both when our anxiety rises.  Captain is the greatest thing to happen to my family and me. Without Captain, I would seldom leave home, much less the bedroom.

I struggle with severe depression, anxiety, and constant suicidal thoughts. Captain gives me the ability to move through these obstacles a little easier and with the knowing that he is right there with me and is not going to abandon me.

He is an AWESOME dog!

Natalie & Captain were paired in 2014