How it all Started........



Nearly three years ago Veterans Day 2015, Life Changing Service Dogs for Veterans was formed. The mission was to raise enough money to provide canine companions at a cost of $22,000 per dog,  so we teamed up with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc.  Our hope was in 22 months to help 22 Veterans dealing with PTSD and other wounds of war, because 22 is the number of Veterans who commit suicide every day!



Then Something Surprising happened......



Less than a year into the mission, Life Changing Service Dogs for Veterans had  already raised enough to pay for nine dogs. Our goal, nearly $500,000 in all to pay for 22 Pennsylvania-bound service dogs for Veterans in 22 months was off to a great start!! Since funding for service dogs is private, the show of support from People, Companies and Organizations all over the United States for Veterans was mind blowing and we could not have done it without you!   In fact not only did we did reach our goal of 22 Dogs for 22 Veterans in 22 months!  We exceeded it, $1.3 Million Dollars was donated in 22 months enough for 60 dogs to be trained at  Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs Inc. Check out our Pairings page to see what saving a life looks like!!

What the Future Holds...

When one Mission ends another Begins!

Currently, all of the dogs are bred and trained at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs Inc. in Williston, Fla. Raising money to build a local facility is our new campaign for the next 22 months! There is no timeline yet for the new facility, but we are close to an agreement on acquiring a location!!! Stay tuned!!! And remember, To say "Thank you for your service" is not enough. Hire or Help a Vet!

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Life changing service dogs for Veterans

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